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Mimoza Ristova

Mimoza Ristova, is a university professor, scholar, columnist novelist, playwright, and human rights activist born in Skopje, 1963, Republic of Macedonia. 
She teaches undergraduate courses in Electronics, Electricity and Magnetism, and graduate courses and seminars in Photovoltaics, Medical Imaging and Forensic Science at the St.Cyril and Methodius, University in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. Her professional interests are in the fields of Semiconductor Thin Films, Photovoltaics, Electrochemical cells for water splitting, a-Silicon, Electrochromic materials, Pixel detectors for ionizing radiation, Selective coatings for solar thermal collectors, Forensic Science, Environmental radiation protection, etc.  
She is recipient of the NATO-NSF post-doctoral grant and had served as a Visiting Scholar/Scientist at the Texas A&M University. Currently, she is a Fulbright Scholar/Visiting Scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California, doing a research on multilayered semiconductors for spontaneous water splitting photo-electrochemical (PEC) devices.

She is an author of more than 50 scientific publications. She co-authored one university textbook, three high school textbooks and one primary school textbook in physics. She is also an author of three novels and two theatre plays published in the Republic of Macedonia. She is well known in her native country as a columnist whose observations span a wide range of topics from education, social issues,  daily politics to human rights. Her columns and stories appeared in the prominent daily papers and weekly magazines and internet portals such as, Utrinski Vesnik, Dnevnik, Denes, Fokus and Plusinfo. She is a member of the executive Board of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Macedonia. Currently, she is working on a new novel under a working title "Prof. Onestone’s Brown Bear University".