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Wladek Walukiewicz

Dr. Wladek Walukiewicz


Wladek Walukiewicz graduated from Warsaw University in 1971 with an M.S. in Physics and from the Institute of Physics Polish Academy of Sciences in 1974 with a PhD in Solid State Physics.  From 1974 to 1982 he worked for the Institute of Physics.  During that time he was a frequent visitor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he conducted studies on electrical and optical properties of compound semiconductors.  In 1984 Dr. Walukiewicz joined Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory as a staff scientist.  He currently holds a position of senior staff scientist, principal investigator in the Materials Sciences Division, and deputy Program Leader of the Electronics Materials Program.  Dr. Walukiewicz’s work covers a broad range of topics in the physics of semiconductors.   He has developed models of electronic transport in three- and two-dimensional systems.  He has made major contributions to understanding the defect properties of semiconductors.  Working with a group of collaborators Dr. Walukiewicz has discovered highly mismatched alloys, a new class of semiconductor materials.  In his most recent work he has shown that the band gaps of GaInN alloys perfectly match the solar spectrum offering a potential material system for high efficiency, multijunction solar cells.  Dr. Walukiewicz has published over 200 papers, review articles and book chapters.  He is a co-inventor on several patent applications.  Recently he co-edited a special issue of “Semiconductor Science and Technology” on the properties of group III-N-V alloys.