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Zuzanna Liliental-Weber

Dr. Zuzanna Liliental-Weber


Dr. Zuzanna Liliental-Weber is a Senior Scientist in Materials Science Division of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. She obtained her PhD in Physics in 1978 from the Institute of Physics Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland. She has spent more than 4 years as Faculty Research Associate in Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ working on dark line defects in GaAs/AlGaAs light emitting diodes and interface roughness using different electron microscopy methods. Since 1984 she has been working in LBNL using state-of-the art electron microscopy techniques to characterize defects in semiconductor thin films and interfaces. Her special interest is the influence of structural defects on the optical and electrical properties of semiconductor thin films and interfaces, such as dislocations and planar defects in III-nitrides, off-stoichiometric III-V thin film semiconductors, ordered structures and metal contacts to different type of semiconductors. She supervises graduate students and visiting researchers and cooperates with scientists from several universities, industries, and national laboratories. She collaborates with all PIs from the Electronic Materials Program within LBNL and works on several collaborative projects like: a band gap of InN and relation to the structural properties of this material, the Stokes shift between an absorption edge and photoluminescence in the InGaN due to compositional modulation in this material, and on irradiation hardness of InN and related structures. She is author or co-author of about 400 publications in refereed journals and conference proceedings, 6 book chapters and editor of two books. She gave more than 80 invited talks at well recognized international conferences or research institutions. Dr. Liliental-Weber recent contribution in a field of GaN and InGaN includes:

- first determination of growth polarity using CBED, an extremely important material property influencing growth rate and electronic properties of this material

- dislocation core of screw dislocations in MBE grown Ga-rich and Ga-lean GaN

- discovery of ordering in bulk GaN:Mg grown with N-polarity (equally distributed flat inversion domains)

- formation of pyramidal defects in GaN:Mg and determination of their atomic structure by using direct reconstruction of the scattered electron wave in a transmission electron microscope.